How an eye contact in an interview makes you interview ready

eye contact in an interview

Today we are going to discuss the advantages of maintaining right eye contact in an interview.

If asked about, what you think can help you crack an interview, we mostly think of –

  1. Strong knowledge of subject area;
  2. Well made impressive CV;
  3. Communication Skills;

Well, yes all the above stated points are essentials for an interview but we cannot deny the fact that sometimes even with right knowledge and expertise you may miss out on an opportunity for not having an impressive body language. Body language is also a very important judging criterion for the interviewers and further important part of the body language is right EYE CONTACT in an INTERVIEW.

Why is eye contact in an interview so important?

A joint study between the University of Wolverhampton and the University of Stirling states “if you want people to remember what you said long after you’re done talking, maintain good eye contact.”

  • Eye contact can tell an interviewer about the interest level, confidence and professionalism during an interview.
  • Poor eye contact can be a sign of your introvert nature or nervousness and both of them can have a negative impact on your candidature because no interviewer wants to hire candidates who lack in confidence despite of the fact that they might possess great knowledge.
  • Healthy eye contact creates rapport, plus if you are not engaging in eye contact you might miss out on picking the cues from the interviewers.
  • Lack of eye contact may even signal out to an interviewer that the candidate is bored in an interview or worse distracted to something else.

Tips to ensure a good eye contact in an interview?

  • Always listen to what a person is saying. If you are listening to the speaker eye contact comes naturally and you don’t have to try it.
  • Make sure that eye contact is HEALTHY because you won’t want to end up making the interviewer feel that you are staring them.
  • If there are more than one interviewer, make sure you maintain eye contact with each of them (mostly you should follow the eye contact to the one who is speaking to you).
  • In case of more than one interviewe,r you have to particularly ensure that you don’t develop one favorite and do most of the talking with them.
  • When you are speaking, you can maintain eye contact with the one who has started that conversation with you and give quick glances to other interviewers too.
  • Good eye contact comes with a smile and occasional nodding of head without these two it is just a stare.
  • If you are someone who really needs a time-out between eye contacts, take a notepad and a pen with you and make notes OCCASIONALLY. This will not only give a positive impression about you but will also give you some time.

There are many must Dos in an interview. Summarizing all that we have discussed above, it is important that we know right gestures in an interview because knowledge alone cannot fetch us a job (with more and more exposure to various media, emphasize on communication, transparency with consumers even interviewers make sure that the candidate who they hire is a public person too). It is important that candidates present themselves as a complete package, being a perfect combination of knowledge skill set and people handling skills.

Stay tuned for more such tips!!

All the best!!