Careers in Law: Now and Then

Careers in Law

Charles Dickens once said, “If there were no bad people there would be no good lawyers.” Well gone are the days when careers in Law were just about bad people, crimes, courtroom, trials, and judges.

Evolution of Law in India

Law in India has evolved from religious prescription to the current constitutional and legal system we have today, traversing through secular legal systems and the common law. Court systems for civil and criminal matters existed in India since the longest period of time.

Pride attached to Law as a Profession

There is a sense of pride that is attached to Law as a profession and those who pursue it are looked up to in the society. Time and now our country has seen lawyers in excelling at other spheres too. Right from the times of independence when the first PM of independent India and The most revered father of the nation both were exemplary lawyers themselves until today where our honorable Finance Minister Mr. Arun Jaitley is a lawyer by profession.

While careers in Law have always been a matter of prestige, today, they are becoming the choice of more and more youngsters, mainly because of changing economic and social scenario and with it the need of regulations in every sphere of the society. Liberalization of the economy in 1991 opened gates for many foreign companies in India and as our country walked the paths of liberalization, we witnessed regulations made keeping in mind taxation, telecom, banking and finance, power, aviation, media, information technology etc.

Shift in the careers in law

Whatever the era maybe, lawyers always make a difference in the society. While graduating in Law earlier meant getting into a career such litigation or judiciary, graduating in Law now opens up a big pool of opportunities for law graduates. Now a Law graduate can work in a corporate house, a law firm, a financial institution, FMCGs, etc etc.

No more in today’s world do careers in Law mean black robe and white collar in the courtroom. Now a law graduate has all the chances to get hired by different sectors.

Let us discuss few new age careers in law:

  1. Legal Analyst – They work for corporate firms or law firms in swanky offices, get dressed like corporate executives and work on laws pertaining to the sphere of a company and its operations.
  2. Legal Advisor – A legal advisor can get a job from all the kind of companies on this earth. They can offer consultancy to corporate firms, media houses, NGOs, financial institutions regarding their legal obligations, duties, legal relations with other firms, customers and public in general.
  3. Document Drafting Lawyer – These lawyers specialize in drafting various documents containing agreements, case material, term and conditions etc.
  4. Legal Journalist – They cover crime beats, legal proceedings in courts, arbitration courts, international courts and arbitration events.
  5. Social Work Lawyer – A good number of law graduates are joining NGOs that work for social causes. Those who are passionate about socio-legal issues and are bothered about the plight of underprivileged in the society, choose to work as Social work lawyers.
  6. Academician – A law graduates can choose to pursue teaching as a career. In that sphere they can continue further research in the area of law.
  7. Human Rights Lawyers – These lawyers specialize in human rights laws and help public in fighting for their rights against the wrong doing.
  8. Environmental Lawyer – With the whole concept of sustainable development environment protection is the need of the hour. These lawyer advice clients on green initiatives and sustainability issues and has to be well versed in commercial contracts, regulations and federal & provisional statues.
  9. Labor & Employment Lawyers – Labor & employment lawyers handle conflicts and disputes between employees and employers and formulating employment contracts.
  10. Intellectual Property Lawyers – For as long as invention and innovation exist, intellectual property lawyers will always be needed to procure the rights to the new ideas and protect the ownership of existing creations.
  11. Cyber Lawyers – Cyber Lawyers deal with the legal issues related to the use of the internet. With the increase in social media and use of cyber space the crimes in the cyber world are increasing and thus the role of cyber lawyers has become very prominent.

With increase in need of regulations in different walks of life These days many law graduates are also opting for writing Civil Services, pursuing MBA or a course in social services, social media etc so as to understand the nitty gritty of every industry. Similarly people from other professions are also pursuing law so as to understand legal aspects of their respective industry.

In addition to these law graduates still have an option of choosing the conventional careers like:

  1. Litigation – This is the traditional career path for a law graduate. If a law graduate wish to practice law in the courts it is essential for them to qualify a Bar exam before they join the Courts of Law. A wise career path in this sphere would be to learn the ropes under a Senior Counsel. Litigation provides a wide range of opportunities both in private and public sphere. One may choose to specialize in particular fields such as family law, criminal law, constitutional law, taxation law etc.
  2. Judicial Services – The State Judicial Services Examination is safe and sound option for those who wish to pursue a stable government career.

If any of the above careers excites you, know more about Law as a profession and kick start your preparations for Law Entrances because the sooner you start the better it is.

All the best!!