Top 15 Lawyer jobs once you get out of NLUs

Career options post Law school

What am I supposed to do after getting a law degree? Is this really worth it? What are the career options post Law school? Does this question  ring up in your mind time and again? We are here to iron out all your doubts.

There are various career options available after a degree from a Law school. Read, a degree in Law is a good career path for girls. Whether it is an opportunity as a legal officer or a court administrator there are numerous opportunities available after a degree from the National Law University.    Read, Legal maxim a power capsules to help you prepare for Law Entrance Exams. This post talks about various career options post Law school.

  • Law firm administrator

In the Indian context, permission for foreign firms to take cases in India has not yet come about but there are established firms where one can work and get trained under experienced lawyers. These people can work for managing information and coordinating services.

  • Legal Reporter

Legal reporters are the ones working with the press. This could be the print or the broadcasting media. These could be involved in reporting business issues. Also, there are reporters who report exclusively on matters pertaining to national importance or make it to the papers because of the kind of case it is. For instance, PILs, Aarushi Talwar case, and, 26/11 bomb blast case.

  • Law School Professor

Law school professors are prominent lawyers. These are the ones who have been in the teaching profession for decades. Students generally do research for these professors while working with them.

  • Research and Reporting Roles

Another career options post Law school is the Research and reporting roles which are available for lawyers both in the legal world and in corporate world.

  • Auditing

Lawyers in auditing firms are generally lawyers with training in accounting. Auditors with a background in law can look at legal issues that may arise in organizations maintaining records under the Company Law.

  • Tax Attorneys

Tax attorneys are lawyers who work with firms in cases of taxation. Government officials send tax notice to organizations. These cases may be due to transfer of shares or transfer pricing issues. Tax attorneys come into the picture in such cases. In case of MNCs such as Hutch and Cairn India, these cases have made it to the papers.

  • Intellectual Property Lawyers

Intellectual property rights relate to patents. It is primarily in developed countries where IPR laws allow people to gain as long as the patent does not expire. When it comes to trade talks with developed countries such as India-EU FTA, these have come into the picture.

  • Chief Legal Officers

Just as we have Chief Financial Officer, there can be a Chief Legal Officer in a firm. This person handles the tax, IPR issues a firm may face. An organization’s communication with the press and the firm also involves lawyers.

  • Judges

These are the ones who give judgement on cases. Arbitration lawyers are the ones who try to give judgement on cases without taking these to courts. You might like to read about Fali Nariman, the lawyer the Judges respect.

  • Litigation Support Director

From the time the Sarbanes Oxley rules came into the picture, organizations have had to do a lot of paper-work. Financial accounting requires information technology as it would not be possible to maintain records otherwise. Litigation Support Directors come into the picture as litigation has also increased as paper work relating to accounting increases.

  • Corporate Counsel

In the corporate world, it is not just those representing the corporation in court but also the ones who take care of legal issues as it happens in case of communication and issues that products face. In case of Nestle Maggi, when lead levels were high in the product, they had to fight the case in court for the product to be re-launched in India. After this, communication had to be such that it could be bought again by the consumers without thinking of the product as unsafe. This is where lawyers come into the picture. These could be those on the organization’s payrolls or from a law firm.

  • Social Work

Lawyers can work with Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to help poor people, children and women for legal help against crimes and harassment they face. Lawyers can also work with international organizations such as International Court of Justice, International Criminal Court, United Nations, etc.

  • Civil Services

Those working for a law firm can also appear for the Civil Services Examination conducted by the Union Public Service Commission. Civil Services Examination features questions related to taxation, constitutional amendments, managing parliamentary affairs, etc.

  • Judicial Services

Apart from the UPSC Civil Services examination, lawyers aspiring for a Government job can also appear for the  Judicial Services examination conducted  by the State High Courts.

  • Legal Process Outsourcing

Just as Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO), Legal Process Outsourcing is yet another career options post Law school, done by firms based outside India. The work involves research, working on first drafts of cases, etc. The work done by the firm to which the work is outsourced is as per the timelines and parameters decided upon by the outsourcing law firm.

Skill-set required

  • The job market in India is good depending on the number of pending cases. This is not same in all countries. In India too, if you get an opportunity with a law-firm, then only you can avoid a practice that would not pay you much in the initial years.
  • Those coming from NLUs do get training on the job but they are not paid that much.

As you head closer to your dreams and aspirations of getting a law degree, work hard and introspect yourself. When you fully understand what you strive for, put your best foot forward with all the confidence you can muster. Start working and eventually, you will succeed in your chosen law career choice. You might like to read our blog, the myth-Life as a Lawyer.