Tips to prepare for 12th board exam and Law entrance simultaneously

Striking balance between board exam and Law entrance exams!

There is a remarkable difference between taking 12th class board exam and Law entrance exams to any college and university. Class 12th exam not only marks the end of your school life but also opens the door to a greater arena where you have to step in to pursue a course that matches your career aspirations.

This year students have to appear for SET, AILET and CLAT entrance tests which are  on 6th and 7th  and 14th of May respectively, right after class 12th board exam . This year the exam will continue till 29th of April. Hope you know that CBSE class 12th date sheet has been released. This situation will be quiet stressful for them. Students will have to face the juggle of preparing for both board exam and Law entrance exams together.

Striking a balance between board exam and Law entrance exams:

Students who have followed the study plan thoroughly would have completed almost the entire syllabus by their Pre board examinations. Hence, sincere students will have ample of time to prepare for CLAT in the month of February. Usually, there is a gap of good 5-7 days between any two consecutive board exams. Therefore, students can easily squeeze out some time to prepare for competitive exams during these breaks.

In such a situation effective mentoring holds the key to success. Read, Indications that you need a professional coaching. Therefore we have come up with a post that will guide you on how to manage your Pre board and post board entrance exam preparation.

  • Make a study plan and divide your study time proportionately for both boards and entrance exams. If you are devoting 3 hours for boards exam preparations (of course including the in between short breaks) give another 3 hours to your entrance exam preparation.
  • Everybody knows that performance of a student in his Pre-board indicates how he is going to perform in his finals. Ideally students should be fully prepared before taking up their Pre-board exams. Subsequent days should be utilized to analyze their score and performance to work upon their weak areas.
  • Students are required to pay proper attention to their Pre board results. This will help them identify the areas of improvement.
  • Focus on weak subjects ,practice regularly, make notes and practice diagrams as they form a significant part of the exam but be very careful while drawing and labeling them. Read, how to overcome your lack of focus. Keep a constant check on your progress rate and the moment you get stuck anywhere take help from someone right then.
  • One cannot afford to take GK lightly. Aspirants should go through GK/GS booklets, daily GK updates in your SIS and magazines diligently to score well in the entrances. Start taking N number of mocks and practice tests regularly.
  • Cracking entrance test requires a lot of dedication and practice. Students need to regularly solve test papers and objective test with time limit constraints.

Right strategy is very important to study for the board exam while simultaneously preparing for Law entrance exams. This is where joining test prep comes handy. A good test prep institute with ample experience will effectively channelize your time and efforts to prepare for board exam and law entrance exams. You might like to  try CL’s Law programs to help you prepare well for Law entrance exams.

Best wishes for both the exams!